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Discover Your Body’s Potential with Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching

Tired of juggling your schedule and not having time to get to an exercise class? Perhaps you do get time to go to the gym but you’re not sure what to do there? Eye of the Tiger Fitness and Nutrition is your go-to online nutrition and fitness coach who will help you reach a point where you feel good about yourself, and your body performs at its best.

What is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is not video based personal training. It’s not live virtual classes. Getting yourself an online coach is like having an accountability coach, your own personal cheerleader and motivator all in one, without the inconvenience of being locked into being in a specific time and place each week.

You can expect ongoing and continuous support. If you need help, you can reach out at any time. Using coaching and questioning techniques, your online coach will be able to get the information they need to build you a completely tailored program. They will do regular check-in’s and have review activities scheduled into your calendar, so you always know how you are progressing

What You Can Expect from Online Coaching

To fit in with your lifestyle and bring you added convenience, Eye of the Tiger Fitness and Nutrition offers comprehensive online coaching including these important steps:

  • Pre-exercise screening. Clients can access the adult pre-screening and children exercise readiness forms online, where you can bring any pre-existing conditions to your coach’s attention.
  • Consultation. During this online questioning we will start to establish your fitness goals and determine your current physical state, along with any areas for improvement. Where possible your movement will be screened to create a fitness programme to develop and improve your body’s range of motion. These tests let us decide on activities that help you achieve your objectives.
  • Tailored programme. Once we’ve got to know your current fitness level and established which activities will get you where you want to be, your online coach prepares a routine so that you have timelines against which to measure your successes. You’ll have full access to the program in the app and can take it with you where you need to train.
  • Lifestyle improvement. Because we all know that exercise alone isn’t enough to reach your fitness goals, your online coach will provide you with nutritional guidance that not only makes recommendations on which foods to eat to complement your training but also includes recipes that assist in controlling your weight and improving strength.

What Sets Eye of the Tiger Fitness and Nutrition Apart Regarding Online Personal Training

Eye of the Tiger Fitness and Nutrition offers personalised services where training programmes are completely tailor-made to suit your needs and what equipment you may have access to. Below are some of the ways in which you’ll get the help you need to take ownership of your body:

  • Ongoing support. You’ll initially have an 8-week programme designed for you, via an app which includes instructions on how to lift weights safely and serves as a training guide for your workouts. As your fitness level improves, your plan will be adjusted to increase the intensity to keep it challenging and ensure the best results, always in-line with the flexibility of your schedule.
  • Downloadable content. Online Coaching Clients also have access to online resources such as recipe books, planning and tracking tools, as well as an online community for additional support and accountability.
  • Added inspiration. The online store offers merchandise such as custom activewear, T-shirts and hoodies to inspire you to make an event out of transforming your body proudly.

Online coaching

Delivered via App
$30 per week


Access to Eye of the Tiger App for 12 week training program and accountability
Workout when it’s convenient to you with the calendar tracker
15 min monthly coaching call
Goal setting and habit targets
Dietary advice, recipes, nutritional guidance
Access to exclusive Facebook group

Why Trust Eye of the Tiger
Fitness and Nutrition

I started Eye of the Tiger Fitness and Nutrition after my own personal journey, where I managed to overcome the greatest obstacles to become a healthier, happier person. Now I want to share your personal journey to improved health by helping you make better choices with your wellbeing in mind.

Contact me to kick off a passion project that will lead you to achieve your personal fitness goals.